non standard double action non standard double action DRG-DA Series
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non standard double action

  • Brand name: FLUITECH
  • Model: DRG-DA Series
  • Material: Ductile cast iron、Aluminium alloy
  • Bore: 200~1000mm
  • Air pressure: 4~5Bar
  • Torque: 600~229000N.m
  • Travel range: 0~90°±5°
  • Download: None

The performance characteristics of

1.JDP spring return actuator can provide 120000 n. m torque output, JDP double acting actuator can provide 240000 n. m torque out put .The maximum working pressure is 10 bar.

2. The size of the valve bottom connecting flange in accordance with ISO5211standard
3.Working temperaturestandard:-20℃~+80℃
High temperature: -20℃~+150℃
Low temperature: -40℃~+80℃

Comply with IP65 protection class.

Structural characteristics of

1.The JDP series of heavy duty scotch yoke actuators is designed suitable for general purpose of valves and damper automation and offer a wide range of torques enable to operate ball , butterfly, plug valves, dampers or any device that requires a quarter-turn operation for on-off or modulating service.
2.DP01 series is the symmetrical design yoke that produces maximum torque at both end of the 90cycle providing travel stops.Middle output torque is minimal. In line with the series of ball valve generates torque characteristics.
3.JDP02 series is the canted design yoke that max produces torque. More in line with butterfly valve torque characteristics.
4.Using technology of plating hard chorming, which can ensure longer working life.
5.Pathway high-frequency quenching grinding treatment ,sliding block using self-lubricating technology, which can ensure permanent usability.
6.JDP series actuators come along with a complete line of controls and monitoring accessories including Manual Handwheel (jacksrew).hydraulic overrides, limit switches,solenoid valves,positioners and other controls accessories.
7.ts modular design and construction provides maximized convenience during installation,maintenance and storage.

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